about serendipity


Serendipity is that unexpected surprise that makes you feel good all day.

Serendipity is that happy accident you tell your friends about.

Serendipity is a stroke of good fortune that you can’t wait to experience again.

This band uses a cool combo of euphonic vocal tones with a power pop musical kick to take audiences on amazingly cool rides through current and time-tested tunes.

“People raved” – Sandy D., EGV
“Amazing” – Lance from Infinity
“I got to hear them again” – Shirley King
“You guys totally ROCKED it tonight!” – Kimberli M.

They’ve thrilled large crowds and worked with established icons of the industry and are a sensation that is in the process of breaking out right now.

Youth is surely served with these ladies, but how old they are isn’t important. How good they are is!